Our story starts in early 2018, but we have extensive collective business and farming experience.

In 2018, we decided to grow industrial hemp in the Montrose area.  

We knew very little about sourcing seed, the type of seed available, growing hemp or harvesting it. The results were disappointing.

We learned from that experience. We learned that we needed good quality seed and genetics, with reliable germination, growth and CBD/THC content characteristics. We learned that different types 

of soil and cultivation techniques made a big difference to the outcome of the hemp crop. We learned that there was little machinery designed for efficient harvesting, collection, drying or separating of the hemp crop and that CBD oil extraction was a complicated science.


We were determined to tackle each of these areas. The first was the change in seed. We then found knowledgeable partners, we established BCS (Black Canyon Seed), we raised money, we leased a facility in Delta, CO (which is now owned by 

an affiliate), we fitted out the facility and we carefully selected the 

types of plants from which we wanted to grow seed.

As you can see by exploring our site, the results have been awesome!

We have also established harvesting operations, as well as drying, 

separation and extraction facilities.






 John was born and raised in Colorado, so it’s no surprise he is mastering the farming landscape starting from his roots on the front range to the Western Slope and Montrose Valley as our Farming Manager. He began his career as General Contractor, which lead to his involvement in the medical marijuana business when he was initially contracted to build the first facilities on the Front Range.

As he immersed into the industry, he felt intrigue and curiosity at the healing powers of CBD when he witnessed a colleague 

of his completely heal from cancer by 

taking a strict regimen of CBD.

His vision that started with 14 acres has now expanded into 1,000+ acres in the Montrose Valley. He and Zach started Double Down Ag LLC,, which offers full-service aspects in support of the  agricultural hemp community. 






 Zach grew up in Montrose and is a Colorado native. He began his journey in the farming and agriculture world when he went to college at CSU where he studied Ag Economics. 

In 2000, he and his wife, Jenn, took over 

his father's elk jerky business, and as this endeavor became well-known and successful, his customers requested they start processing wild game as an ongoing business. Today, Kinikin Processing LLC is one of the 

Western Slope's top USDA certified meat processing facilities. 

With his entrepreneurial spirit, he was looking for additional opportunities when he crossed paths with John and Hunter. They initially set out to farm 40 acres of hemp, which quickly turned into 1,000+ acres and has expanded into two full-fledged, successfully owned and operated Hemp operations: Double Down Ag LLC and Black Canyon Seed LLC.  Zach is Managing Member of both entities.






Caird is a strategic adviser to, and investor in, Black Canyon Seed LLC. He brings a deep knowledge of business law and structure being that he is a lawyer at a large global law firm specializing in structured investments.

He first became involved with Zach when they partnered together on a hemp crop in early 2018 on land in Montrose.  Since then, he has worked closely with the entire BCS team on strategy, fund-raising and other critical organizational projects that have helped establish and grow BCS.






 As our Genetics Specialist, Hunter brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to the process. He got his start in the marijuana business when it became legal in Colorado.

He is passionate about the healing aspects of cannabis, which led him to learn everything about growing it, from the genetics and plant structure to the final product of seed and flower.

What brought him to the hemp market is the downfall he saw in the marijuana business with the struggling prices and difficulty in sustaining a profitable business. Yet he also saw an opportunity to contribute to a higher calling - healing our community and people as a whole. 

With his passion and determination and self-taught knowledge, he is now focusing on  creating the best strains in CBD, cannabinoid production for overall usable plant material, and creating sustainable fiber for tri-crop production. 






As Facility Manager, Eric has brought knowledge and know-how to anything and everything from running the greenhouse to building the facility structures since Black Canyon Seed’s inception.

Eric cultivated his vast expertise while serving in the Navy for 8 years at the end of the Gulf War. He was a fire controller and basically built and "blew up stuff" from Hong Kong to Greece. He then expanded upon his experience when he returned to his native Montrose, Colorado, where he began his excavation career in both commercial and residential areas. 

Eric met Zach who introduced him to the new venture of farming hemp in 2019. He himself started with 12 acres. He then began working at the Delta facility doing the buildout of the initial greenhouse and drying floor facilities. He is excited to grow with all aspects of the seed and hemp business, and ride the wave of evolution and growth that Black Canyon Seed has to offer.






As Deputy Facility Manager,

Adam brings bright energy, determination

and devotion to the entire BCS family 

and facility. He has grown with 

BCS since its inception, and aspires 

to "run everything, aside from 

farming, in the near future."

He began his training as an industrial maintenance and welder, and transitioned his talents into the hemp realm when he moved from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Montrose. It is here he claims his duties as keeper-of-the-plants and all-else that growing and harvesting entails.

What inspired Adam, a.k.a. Sween, 

to dive into the hemp world is his passion to be a part of such an integral process of bringing healing medicine to the world. He is consistently grateful to be contributing to hemp and CBD because it gives people a welcomed alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicine.



our philosophy


We strive to provide the best and most reliable industrial hemp seed to the agricultural communities that we serve, and to support our customers with related farming knowledge, enabling them to create value from planting industrial hemp as a cash crop.


  • Become the leading supplier to farmers and wholesalers of industrial hemp seed, seedlings and clones, initially in Colorado, Texas, Arizona and other Western States, and thereafter, nationally.

  • Establish ourselves as a leader in the reliability of our industrial hemp seed as it relates to feminization, germination, virus-resistance, weight and quality of biomass produced, and CBD content.

  • Provide timely, reliable and helpful sales and after-sales service to hemp seed buyers.

  • Value customers and employees and treat everyone with respect and professionalism.

  • Re-invest in the communities that we serve through employment opportunities and community activities.


Our farming partners are the key to our success. Quality seeds need quality farmers to produce the best hemp crop possible. And our farming partners have been able to do that.