Our farming partners are the key to our success. The skills they have mastered 

through years of farming conventional agricultural crops has led to a smooth 

transition to farming hemp. Here are just a few of the local farmers who 

have been experimenting successfully with a hemp crop from our seeds in 2019.


Chad Humphrey

Rick Whitfield

Rick Whitfield

     Chad was born and raised on the farm in Olathe, Colorado, where he first started farming as soon as his foot could reach a tractor pedal. He began his farming endeavor with a variety of vegetable crops that went farm to market such as sweet corn, broccoli, lettuce and squash.

Chad immersed into the hemp realm because, quite honestly, he wanted to try something new. The corn and bean crops weren't creating an adequate income. He sensed the promise of a more thriving business and jumped right in. Plus he found another platform in which he could apply his fabrication expertise to hemp harvesting equipment concepts.

What also intrigued Chad to cross 

over to hemp is the sheer fact that hemp is farmed more organically with no pesticides and herbicides unlike many conventional crops. 

When asked about some of the challenges: weed control, which calls for a lot more hand labor, and the unknowns of the ever-changing market. It's a bit like the "Wild West," he said.  Above all the challenges, Chad feels grateful to be playing more on the organic side of farming.

When asked how farming with Black Canyon Seed has improved his overall experience he stated, "I was up for the challenge, and I felt part of a family navigating through the process together. The team has given me a 

renewed sense of optimism and the opportunity to make great money."


Rick Whitfield

Rick Whitfield

Rick Whitfield

     Rick grew up on a farm in Montrose,      Colorado. His family ran a dairy farm, which they sold a few years back. They decided to divide up the farm ground and started farming corn and beans.

When asked why he chose to delve 

into the hemp world he explained that he needed another rotation crop with the corn and beans. He was intrigued at the idea of farming a new crop, and the economics seemed to align 

with a sense of promise.

Rick is in his first year of farming hemp with the biggest challenge he has faced was knowing how much to water and not to over water. He also needed a lot more hand labor. His first year felt risky, but easy to settle into. Happily, his hemp crop fully thrived this season!

When asked how the community has supported his farming hemp endeavor he said he's only had a few complaints about the smell, and a curious few have questioned if it is actually hemp or something else (it is hemp).

When asked how farming with Black Canyon Seed has improved his overall experience he said, "I have enjoyed the collaborative effort, knowledge and support I've received." He is thankful for not having to worry about harvesting his hemp solo.


Ron Munger

Rick Whitfield

Ron Munger

Ron immersed into the farming realm by growing hops about 10 years ago. He landed in the Olathe/Montrose area from the beachside community of Carlsbad, California. It was a good choice because he is one of the premier hops growers in Colorado. His biggest client is AC Golden/Nelson Coors where he is the main provider for the Colorado native brand of beer.

He felt it natural to give hemp a go, 

and jumped into his first year of farming in 2018. Because he already had a water drip system in place, he was inspired at the opportunity to venture into this new territory.

And it's a good thing he made the decision because his plants this season were healthy, happy and huge! The biggest challenge had been with the installment a more hemp-specific drip line. Other than that, no complaints.

Being that he stays a bit ‘under the radar’ (at least until now), the community has seemed to embrace and support his hemp farming. From what he hears, people state that his farm is ‘Rockin’ the hemp’.

When asked how farming with Black Canyon Seed has improved his overall experience he said, "The genetics are killer; couldn’t be any better! Zero males and pollinators.” He highly acknowledges the support of such a dynamic and collaborative team.


Joey DelTonto

Joey DelTonto

Joey DelTonto

Joey has been farming his entire life. His family has been farming in Montrose, Colorado, for a near decade. They primarily farmed corn, beer barley, pinto beans and sugar beets.

What inspired Joey to take a shot at hemp farming is the possibility of making good money, and was also intrigued at the idea of being at the top of the line - one of the first timers in the valley. 

Initially Joey felt a sense of stress yet excitement with the initial investment, being that that he was foreign to this form of farming. One challenge was he had a bit of a time trying to get the seeds to sprout and germinate. Tick tock, yet he patiently waited and the sprouts started to reveal. This brought the needed sense of relief. He gained renewed sense of excitement for this new challenge!

When asked how the community has supported his new endeavor he said, "The main complaints are the smell and people's lack of knowledge 

around the difference between hemp and marijuana crops."

When asked how farming with Black Canyon Seed has improved his overall experience he said, "I appreciate the knowledge and consistent assistance they bring to the process." He especially appreciates both the assistance with weed control and the sense of collaboration.


Pat Hellman

Joey DelTonto

Joey DelTonto

This is Pat's first year diving into the hemp farming world. He grew up on farms yet hadn't ever tried his hand at it. His partner, Michael Boyd, has been farming for nearly 40 years so Pat felt a sense of security and support to take the leap with faith and determination.

What encouraged Pat to try hemp was the sheer economic aspect. He saw the opportunity and potential of making extra income and jumped on the use of a vacant family field. 

Pat feels the biggest challenges have been insect and pest control since one isn't allowed to spray anything that isn't organic. Mice became a nuisance because they initially ate some of the sprouting seedlings. He also had problems with crickets until he used bait and brought the issue under control. 

He's happy the community has begun to embrace hemp farming alongside traditional farming. "People initially had a lot of skepticism if it would be profitable. Most people and farmers are becoming more knowledgeable, which I appreciate."

When asked how farming with Black Canyon Seed has improved his overall experience he said in a matter of fact way, "I've been given a 

lot of knowledge throughout the process because they helped set up the field and aided in planting, which I wouldn't have been able to do without them."


Randy Friend

Joey DelTonto

Randy Friend

Randy is a 4th generation farmer, born and raised in Olathe, Colorado, and has been farming his whole life. He started out with conventional farming of local sweet corn, beans, onions, hay, sunflower, milo and spelt. 

Randy was introduced to the concept of farming hemp when he met with Zach, John and Hunter in 2018. He was inspired at the potential of having a more profitable, worthwhile venture because other crops were somewhat depressed, and weren't paying the bills for most of the local farmers. Randy dove in at the new opportunity.

He feels some of the differences and challenges of farming hemp over other conventional crops are: more difficult because of the large scale, no usage of chemicals for weed and bug control, sprouting from the ground can be a challenge, and weeding calls for more man-hours. Yet with the challenges, Randy sensed the reward of something far greater.

Because of his close ties with the farming community, Randy inspired other farmers who were inquisitive and excited at the opportunity to farm hemp to join in as well.


When asked how farming with Black Canyon Seed has improved his overall experience he said, "I appreciate working with BCS because it offers me a sense of teamwork and joint effort". I am happy to see the seed genetics performing at the highest quality, the superior plant uniformity, and also the fact that our plants are producing such high levels of CBD!

Farming Hemp

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